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One of the biggest investments most people make in life is the purchase of their home. Whether you purchased your home with restorations in mind or if you feel it needs a change, interior or exterior painting can give your home the facelift that you desire.

When most people think of painting they think of walls or siding but there is so much more that paint can change. Kitchens and bathrooms are two places people often feel they have to spend thousands on to change but in reality cabinet restoration and painting can change the entire environment of those spaces in your home.

Cabinets can be restored by sanding and repainting them with an updated color choice. This will give your kitchen or bathroom a new look and feel at a fraction of the cost of replacement cabinets. This can make a big difference and also feel between an outdated space and one that feels fresh and clean.

Do you love the wood look of your cabinets? If you aren’t sure that painting is the route you want to go there is another way to restore your cabinets' wood look. We are able to do this by sanding them down and using staining and/or an epoxy coating system to make them look like new again without spending thousands. This works by staining and/or sealing existing surfaces making them smooth and less susceptible to damage while adding a protective layer that will prevent future damage from occurring when cleaned or used. With this type of surface treatment, you can enjoy all the benefits of having new cabinets without having to pay a fortune for them!

The feeling of the transformation in your home will make you glad that you called Hand Made Projects.

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